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~ Closed for a while.

This pic is over a year old. But i add it out anyways : )

You see, i never blog anymore, just if i'm pretty in mood for it. Well, since the last time i bloged, has it been practually much to do. I'm a new birthed mum, AGAIN. Or, not new actually.. It was a girl, and i named her Connie Linnèana Montèz.

 As you see, i've changed the blog's look. There's NO sites yet ! But it comes with the wind, i might belive.

- Evelina

18.3.09 22:52


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Welcome to Evelinamontez, i hope you'll enjoy your stay. And i also hope you check out the sites, when they comes ! Anyways, i'll be happy if you could sign in my guestbook.
- Evelina.


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Please visit my bestfriend, Connie Amalie, at http://Connieamalieh.myblog.de, drop a comment when you're there. I might think she'll love to get some comments, and credits for her blog! She is my sistersite, because she is the girl i presure at, OF MY HOLE HEART. I love her, shes my everything <3


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