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Right now im feeling pretty bad in the hole body. my head is on the trip to explode, and my belly hurts pretty bad (im not sure its because that im pregnant). this is a new myblog of me, i decided to make it because i don't have a blog. i have had, but i've deleted all of them. i write in english, because i got friends who don't understands deutsch. we made it is actually the song "busta rhymes" & "linkin park" is singing in :- D

now its under two months to its time for me to get my baby. im really exited if its a girl or a boy. some of you readers allready knows that i got a son on almost one year, he is born April 6th 2008. And he's name is Sammy Orlando ! Now he can say mummy, and it feels so special ! He also got's his father's eyes.

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i've decided that my blog is not going to be a blog with differents of sites, its just a normal blog which everyone can read. And sooner or later i'll change it to password-protected !

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Welcome to Evelinamontez, i hope you'll enjoy your stay. And i also hope you check out the sites, when they comes ! Anyways, i'll be happy if you could sign in my guestbook.
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Please visit my bestfriend, Connie Amalie, at http://Connieamalieh.myblog.de, drop a comment when you're there. I might think she'll love to get some comments, and credits for her blog! She is my sistersite, because she is the girl i presure at, OF MY HOLE HEART. I love her, shes my everything <3


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